Maintain Your Endurance Through The Winter Months

The harsh winter months can put a number of constraints on those striving for a healthy and active lifestyle all year round. Many of our readers are active runners or active in many other ways and the lion’s share of those activities are done outdoors. Simply trying to run down the road you often would choose may be either impractical, excessively challenging or even potentially accessible depending on the level of snowfall or the extent of icing on the roadway.

Regionally, the season’s changing may have very little effect on your ability to maintain endurance but depending on the activity you choose, the season’s changing can have profound effects even when the temperature doesn’t fall enough to create snow or frost. A fisherman who actively fishes for a specific species may encounter a burn-out effect by not being able to get out on the boat and remain active.

The quickest way to ensure you can stay tough and on top season by season is to cross-train. If you typically skateboard, consider snowboarding. If you usually play tennis outdoors, considering playing a mixture of tennis, racquetball and handball indoors during the colder months. Instead of neglecting your primary and most-preferred activity for months on end, you’ll be picking up a new skill or activity that can sustain you until the on-season returns for the activity you prefer.

Aside from cross training, you can hone in on diet and focus on rebuilding your body’s immune system, vital organs and habits but focusing on how you treat your body on the inside so that when the spring months return, you can be fresh and prepared to hit the track running or hit the field playing centerfield for your college baseball team. Regardless of how you approach physical activity in your life, it can be difficult to maintain a constant level of intensity through the course of a year.

A secret to staying on top is to have a plan and to set proper expectations. Expect to regulate and fluctuate the amount and extent of your physical exertions throughout the year but don’t entirely throw in the towel. You know that your body needs to engage in different types of movement and stretching to achieve a healthy equilibrium. You can also focus on alternative means of bettering yourself physically as well such as meditation, yoga and strength training when outdoor activities are limited by weather. Get a healthy pot of vegetable soup going on the stove every Saturday and Sunday and that winter will pass by without adding anything unwanted to your waistline.